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Going to Bed Earlier can Improve your Finances (No, Really!)

Sleeping on the Job
Ok, now you might have to bear with me here, but trust me, this is going somewhere. Stop anything else you’re doing and just consider this for a second… Most of the people who started the big UK banks back in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries were Quakers. Now early quakers of this sort [...]

Extreme Couponing in the UK

Pile of Coupons
Extreme sports, extreme ironing, extreme… couponing? You can’t read an article on money saving these days without seeing the word ‘couponing’ but what exactly is it and how does it become ‘extreme’? What is extreme couponing? As you can probably imagine, the phrase started in America Most of us will use coupons if we have [...]

Reduce Outgoings at Home: Kitchen

Piggy Bank Wearing Chef’s Hat
Section #1. Money Saving Cooking Tips Section #2. Save money on cleaning products – go green and natural! Money Saving Cooking Tips After your mortgage / rent, bills and travel costs, food and cooking are probably your next biggest expense. Here are some of our top money saving cooking tips to help your weekly budget [...]

When are Payday Loans a Good Idea?

Monopoly Go Square
Payday loans (or Short Term loans) often get bad press and it’s often with good reason. Some lenders are simply unethical, don’t follow responsible lending practices and have even been known to target and poach vunerable people into borrowing their money. Not what you want from what should be a responsible industry. Combine that with [...]

Keep Getting Turned Down for Credit?

At Wits End
This guide aims to accomplish the following;
  1. Explain Why You Get Turned Down For Credit
  2. Give 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Chances
  3. List Credit Products which May be More Suitable or Have Higher Levels of Acceptance

Stuck in a Payday Loan Cycle?

Break free from the interest cycle
Payday Loans are designed to be emergency short term cash solutions which you can repay (in full) on your next payday. This idea is all well and good in theory, but what happens if for some reason or another you can't afford to repay the loan when payday comes around?

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