Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Guarantor Loans Company? [+]

Guarantor Loans Company is a company setup to try and help people get the credit they need. We specialise in the emerging guarantor loans market because we feel these loans can help a wide range of people and therefore need to be promoted in today’s economic climate.

We’re a fully authorised and licenced credit company registered at the office of fair trading, established in England; Registration Number: 7386946. CCL Number: 642099.

Why don’t you charge up front fees? [+]

We don’t feel it is good customer service to charge you an up front fee. It also goes against the principles of our Customer Charter.

We’ve heard many stories of people who have paid a fee to get a loan and end up with nothing – This just seems like robbery to us! As we are mainly web based, we have lower costs and therefore don’t need to charge you a fee for our service.

Can I receive a guarantor loan with bad credit? [+]

Our guarantor loans allow you to obtain a loan with regardless of whether you have good, bad or no credit history! Usually you don’t even need to be credit searched!

If you’re worried about your credit rating or want to know more please see our improve your credit rating page.

What is a Guarantor Loan? [+]

A guarantor loan is like any other type of personal loan except that you need a guarantor to sign the agreement with you. The guarantor acts as a reassurance that you’ll be able to pay back what you borrow. Benefits of this include the fact that we probably won’t need to do a credit search on you to get the loan.

You can read our introduction to guarantor loans to find out more.

How long will it take? [+]

After applying, you should then receive the final approval details (we’ll send you a confirmation email after you apply).

Once you have completed any necessary details and subject to final approval, your loan can pay out in as little as 30 minutes!

Who can be my guarantor? [+]

Your guarantor can be anyone who knows you such as a friend, family member or work colleague. All we ask is that they have a reasonable credit history.

For loans of over £500 (not for £500 and below), the guarantor will also need to be a homeowner. Please note, the loan is not secured on your guarantor’s property.

Can a company act as my guarantor? [+]

Your guarantor needs to be an individual who is a current UK homeowner. We can also consider loans up to £1,000 without a homeowner guarantor subject to eligibility and criteria.

You don’t necessarily need to have a guarantor chosen (or their details handy) when making your application online; you can find a guarantor at a later stage.

What does my guarantor need to do? [+]

Normally, not much other than agree to be your guarantor. We’ll ask you for their details and your guarantor will be contacted (usually by a quick phone call) for security and eligibility purposes before your loan is paid out – but then unless there’s a problem with your repayments, they won’t hear anything more about it.

Read more about your guarantor’s role.

How will I receive the money? [+]

It’s dependant on which product you choose or are eligible for, but normally you’ll be able to choose between a cheque payable directly to yourself or a direct bank transfer.

Do I need to be employed? [+]

We usually require that you are in some sort of paid employment, however, it’s possible we can consider applicants if you have other forms of income.

What documentation will I be required to send in? [+]

You probably won’t need to provide any.

Sometimes you may be asked to provide a copy of identification such as a passport or recent utility bill.

How to finalise your loan [+]

We can usually approve your loan immediately online.

Sometimes we may email you further details and some loan agreements to review – you just need to return these and you’re done!

How long can I have the funds for? [+]

You can normally borrow from between 6 months to 60 months with payment options to suit you!

How do I pay back the loan? [+]

The loan will be repaid by standing order or direct debit from your bank.

You may be offered an alternative repayment method if this is not suitable for you.

Can I make additional payments on my loan? [+]

You can usually repay lump sums as and when you wish, therefore reducing the amount you need to pay on a monthly and total basis.

You will find further details about this in your loan documentation before completing your loan. Please ensure you have read and understood them.

Is there an up front application fee? [+]

No, absolutely not – We don’t charge any up front fees what-so-ever and never will. You can find out why in our Customer Charter.

Is my application and financial information secure? [+]

Absolutely. We do our upmost to make sure your sensitive data is secure. We collect sensitive data using SSL encrypted channels and our business is verified by Verisign, you can confirm this by clicking the icons at the base of our secure application form.

Please see our legal and data section for more details on how we use your data.

How much do I need to repay? [+]

This depends on the loan product you go ahead with, however you will be made fully aware with clear details on the APR and repayments before you decide whether to proceed or not.

You can use this loan calculator to get an idea of repayments based on our representative rate.

Any other questions? [+]

Our agents will be happy to speak to you on web chat. Just click the ‘Chat Here!’ speech bubble at the bottom left of this web page to speak to one of our customer services agents (This may be dependant on browser compatibility and availability).

You can also contact us here by email, post or phone.

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Easy Qualification!

  • 18 Years
  • Live in UK
  • Earn an income
  • No Home Visits


  • Borrow up to £5,000!
  • Secure 100% Online Application
  • No Up-Front Fees!
  • No Applicant Credit Scores*
  • Same Day Payout

Fed up Being Declined?

  • Bad Credit OK
  • Higher Approval Rating than typical loans
  • Fast Approval Process
  • Rely on friends rather than credit scores

Stuck with Payday Loans?

  • Use our guarantor loans to escape debt spirals
  • Get back on your feet
  • Beat those high interest rates!

Representative 53.8% APR

Example: Borrow £3000 over 36 months,
pay back £151.19 per month.
Total repayable £5,442.84.